Electrical Maintenance

Electrical preventive maintenance is one of the most important functions required to be performed to maintain the reliability of electrical systems, and for the protection of equipment and people. Poorly maintained circuitry and appliances can injure or kill, and destroy property if not maintained properly. For example, a time delay in the operation of a circuit breaker, due to a sticky operating mechanism, can cause an energy arcing flash.

Professional Electrical Maintenance

Electrical components and systems are often intricate and complex. While some simple electrical component maintenance can be done by yourself, proper training is required to repair, troubleshoot and maintain most systems & equipment supplying electricity to homes, commercial & industrial buildings.

A professional electrical maintenance engineer will plan a maintenance schedule, to include fault diagnosis, routine servicing and repairs, to ensure the smooth running of electrical equipment, be it domestic wiring, or a production line in a commercial operation.

Why Electrical Maintenance Is Important

Various Government Regulations set out the necessity for periodic inspections to comply with safety at work and home. That’s why you should hire an expert to conduct a periodic visual inspection of all electrical installations at your home or office, to identify any problems that exist, that can then be scheduled for rectification at a time to suit you.

A trained and licensed electrician will check for breakages, wear and deterioration, signs of overheating, missing parts, loose fittings, and that electrical enclosures are secure. Equipment that is not in regular use should also be checked for any faults or short circuits.

6 Benefits of Electrical Maintenance:

  1. Test reliability & proper functioning of electrical equipment
  2. Take preventative & protective measures to improve safety
  3. Fix any defects found that may be dangerous
  4. Protection against damage to property by fire
  5. Lower operating costs of electrical systems performing at peak levels
  6. Prevent damage before it occurs to minimise unplanned outages

3 Types Of Electrical Maintenance

Proper maintenance is not a ‘one-off’ procedure. It requires a regular planned programme to be performed by a skilled professional. It should be a regular part of your home or office property maintenance regime and should never be missed. Here are the 3 main types of electrical maintenance, each with several sub-types:

Proactive Electrical Maintenance Includes:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Routine maintenance

Reactive Electrical Maintenance Includes:

  • Emergency maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

Other Electrical MaintenanceIncludes:

  • Deferred maintenance
  • Total productive maintenance

Barnes Electricians Maintenance

The choice of maintenance type a commercial operation will adopt will depend on a combination of their available financial resources and in-house skills. By calling our professional electricians, we can discuss your electrical maintenance requirements and help you decide which is the best solution for you, to minimise unexpected electrical emergencies.

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